Music Recording and Production
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A great recording begins with capturing the best possible sounds at the source. Bring your drums and amps or use ours to craft the perfect tones for your record. 


Every song deserves a great mix with clarity and character. We can take your tracks to the next level with a sound that enhances your music and suits your vision.


Finalize your songs with a radio-ready polish and ensure that they sound great on any speakers and in any delivery format.





Greg Hendler

Founder, Engineer

Greg is an audio engineer and guitar player living in Atlanta, GA. He started recording in high school, making rudimentary demos for his own bands. As a student a Georgia Tech he further honed his skills recording local musicians while earning degrees in Computational Media and Music Technology. After graduation He started GMH Audio, where he produces music and developers audio software.

The Studio

GMH Audio is based in the heart of Atlanta, GA, conveniently located in the Grant Park neighborhood. We have everything you need to record including guitars, amps, drums, effects, and microphones. Our room is acoustically treated, large enough to fit a full band, and features a dedicated isolation booth.