Tracking is the most important part of the recording process. Getting great tones and performances is everything. I don't believe in "fixing it in the mix", I want to get things right from the start.

I specialize in recording live guitar, drums, vocals, and other instruments. I have the knowledge and the equipment to capture your sound at its best.



Whether you tracked with me, recorded at another studio, or at home, my mixes will take your songs to the next level. I'll deliver a professional sound to present your music in the best possible light and work with you to dial all of the elements to match your artistic vision.



The icing on the cake, the final layer of polish, mastering makes your songs ready for the world. Final sonic enhancements, album pacing, consistency, and of course, loudness, are all important parts of the process. Whatever medium your music will be published on (CD, streaming, vinyl, etc.) I'll deliver the necessary files to meet the requirements of the format.

Rates are based on the needs of the individual project. Get a quote for your project!